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About Us

Lightat factory for electricity and lighting poles for public was founded in Qatar and outside it, in addition to a group of other products that are closely connected to the lighting poles, we have been keen on using modern equipment and machines that help us produce high quality outputs, which is characterized by their ability to be modified, painted, wielded and last for long period of time, which follow the standard specifications, where these poles can be used in making luminous ads with all its sizes and shapes, thanks to our ability to create different lengths of poles with multiple purposes that can be used in main or side streets, gardens and all required places.
To reach industrial leadership by depending on business solutions, continuous research and development, to participate effectively in Qatar’s national vision 2030 which is considered an efficient drive and motive for growth.
Using the most modern equipment and technological machines to provide high quality services while keeping up with the work’s technicalities and standards to serve the customers’ needs.
Following the best industrial practices that participate in creating a large base of equivalent relations with customers to continuously compete at accessing many markets .

Passion and being keen on loyalty to the customers.

Honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

Always caring for innovation and intellectual expansion.

Embracing teamwork in our work to achieve fast working time.